About Us
RR Global Trading is a UAE based Trading House established in 2012 for trading in garments, textiles and leather products. The Company sources products from South East Asian Countries mainly from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China and is supplying goods to USA, Europe, South America, South Africa, Middle East Countries and Australia. The Company also sources garments, apparels & leather products from Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia to cater the world market. We continuously thrive to meet our buyers’ requirements in every aspect be it quality, volume, delivery time or price. Our sincere efforts have earned us a good number of long term buyers with whom we are working as reliable and trusted partners.
The company is owned by RR Holding Limited a RAK based international free zone company.
RR Holding Limited has made several investments in the garments industries. We have invested in Washing Plant with German collaboration which has special distressing and finishing capabilities. We also invested in Garment Manufacturing and Accessories Plants. Our current projects include coal based energy generation and pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant. We have three more projects in the pipeline which are fish farming, plantation, and inland river port.